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Easy And Inexpensive Favors For A Wedding On A Budget

By Janet R.

While they may be one of the simplest detail of a wedding event, wedding favors are often overlooked by many brides and grooms. This mistake has been very common among couples who are very focus on the major details of their wedding without noticing that they are missing the small ones, which in reality make a great sense during the entire occasion.

Though they are not mandatory, but let’s face it wedding favors have been a part of the wedding tradition. They play as token to show appreciation to the guests who arrive with gifts for the couple. Wedding favors are traditionally to let them know that they are thanked by the bride and groom.

Wedding favors these days come in endless choices to choose from. There are so many suppliers and manufacturers that specialize on such tokens that are meant for weddings only. It can be challenging to find the right wedding favors, especially if you are on a tight budget. But don’t worry because there are always easy and inexpensive favor ideas the you can find along the way, and they could definitely complete your wedding without spending too much.

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Perhaps the easiest are flowers, and are very cheap in terms of using them as wedding favors. There is virtually no hard preparation when presenting flowers as your wedding souvenirs. Depending on how many guests will arrive, the your choice of flowers may vary. You may consider giving a single red rose for each guest, as it symbolizes ‘Love.’ Flower favors are very easy and you don’t have to buy packaging materials to wrap them. Perhaps what is only needed are nice ribbons to make a nice bow on every stem of the flowers. If you will use flowers as centerpieces, you can use the same kind of flowers as wedding favors for the guests. You can instruct your florist to place one flower at each place setting right after they arrange the centerpiece on each table.

Another easy and inexpensive idea would be candies. There are plenty of ways to give candies as favors of your wedding. You can use small favor boxes, organza bags, pillow-shaped plastic containers, mini baskets, tins and a lot more. Perhaps the easiest, yet elegant way of presenting candies is by having them placed in large bowls or glass jars, which can double as centerpieces to decorate the tables. Just provide favor containers on every place setting so that the guests can help themselves on hundreds of candies sit on the center of their table.

Last but not the least are candles. There are so many candle wedding favors to choose from. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors and scents. They can be floating candles, votive, or tea light candles that can beautifully sit on the tables of your reception. You can make your own candle favors or buy them in bulk at a discount price. These are just a few cheap wedding favors that are very easy to make or assemble. Other easy options for practical wedding favors can be found online.

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200 candles: Chileans celebrate country’s Bicentennial

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chile is celebrating its Bicentennial, with several events that have been organized by the government for almost a decade. It commemorates two hundred years since the First Government Junta of 1810 was formed, starting the Independence process, that ended in 1818 after Bernardo O’Higgins proclaimed it.

The Bicentennial takes place on a holiday from September 17th until 21st. Sebastián Piñera inaugurated the official fondas (places where typical food and drinks of Chile are sold; similar to a tavern) earlier on Friday. Piñera also danced a “pie” of Cueca, Chile’s national dance, with Government Spokeswoman Ena Von Baer.

More than 60 thousand people gathered on Plaza de la Ciudadanía (Citizen’s Square) in Santiago to celebrate the Bicentennial. There was a projection of historical images that also contained a message from the trapped miners in Copiapó. A giant flag of Chile (18 meters of height, 27 of width; weighing 200 kilograms) was raised on the square on Friday morning.

Celebrations of the Bicentennial in Pichilemu started earlier this month. On September 2, two thousand people lined up in a formation to create the message “Viva Chile Bicentenario Cardenal Caro” on Pichilemu beach “Las Terrazas”. The message was used to create a postal stamp to be released worldwide. The event was promoted by the Government of Cardenal Caro Province.

Private schools in the city, such as Colegio Preciosa Sangre, prepared events specially for their students. On Thursday, “Fonda Don Vicente Nario” was opened on Preciosa Sangre. Several games were performed there on that morning, including “el emboque”, “ponerle la cola al burro” (to put the tail to the donkey), and others.

Another event on Preciosa Sangre took place on Thursday night, when students recreated scenes of the History of Chile, including: a tertulia featuring Manuel Montt (starred by Luis Rojas); a chingana (a popular tavern); and selected colonial professions, such as the “motero” (person who sold motemei and chestnuts).

The official fonda of Pichilemu, La Bombonera, was inaugurated on Thursday night by Mayor Roberto Córdova, who danced cueca with people who attended the event. According to Córdova, at least 30,000 people have arrived at Pichilemu as of Friday, and it is estimated that another 30,000 will arrive during the next three days.

A great event took place on Pichilemu beach on Friday afternoon. Chilean typical games highlighted the event. People danced reggaeton, Américo’s cumbias and cuecas, while others were swimming. The National Shoe Fair (Feria Nacional del Calzado) was established on Agustín Ross Hotel on Thursday, and will stay in the town until September 23rd. Alicia Grez, who works on a kiosk in the Pichileminian Craft Fair located in front of One Discotheque, said that “sales have been excellent,” and that “[they] won’t miss the possibility to experience such an event like this.”

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File:Parque bicentenario.JPG

Postcard released by the Chilean Government in 1910. At the top, from left to right: José Miguel Carrera, José de San Martín, Bernardo O’Higgins, Lord Thomas Cochrane, and Manuel Rodríguez. At the bottom, from left to right: Manuel Vicuña, Manuel Blanco Encalada, José Manuel Balmaceda and Pedro Montt.

Official poster of the Centennial of Chile.

Official plans for the Centennial of Chile, in 1910. Pedro Montt is pictured at the top, and Bernardo O’Higgins at the bottom.Image: Memoria Chilena.

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US presidential candidate Dodd applauded by League of Conservation

Friday, June 1, 2007

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) issued a statement today, congratulating Senator Christopher Dodd for his support of environmental issues. Dodd has made a large ad buy in Iowa and New Hampshire for a spot talking about his commitment to the issues. It is the first television ad by a candidate during the campaign to discuss global warming.

LCV President Gene Karpinski stated:

The League of Conservation Voters applauds Senator Chris Dodd for making global warming a focal point of his campaign. Not only has Senator Dodd outlined an ambitious plan to curb global warming – he is also the first presidential candidate ever to release an ad focusing solely on this key issue.

More and more Americans want our next President to address global warming and propose bold solutions to this challenge.

Senator Dodd is helping to remind America that our president has the power to stop global warming — it’s in their hands.

We look forward to seeing the debate on this issue continue to advance in the coming months.

On January 11, 2007, Dodd announced his Presidential candidacy on the now canceled Imus in the Morning radio show. The head of the New Hampshire Democratic party said Dodd told her that he wasn’t “going to do the exploratory thing, I’m going to plunge right in.”

LCV’s mission is to “advocate for sound environmental policies and to elect pro-environmental candidates who will adopt and implement such policies.”

Dodd is currently a senator for Connecticut.


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Sep 11

Two American soldiers charged in Iraqi murders

Saturday, June 30, 2007

On Saturday, the US military announced the arrests of two American soldiers alleged to have been involved in three separate premeditated murders of Iraqi civilians, and the planting of weapons around the crime scene to pretend the victims were insurgents.

The incidents occurred over the past two months in Iskandariyah, 50 kilometres south of Baghdad. The investigation began when fellow soldiers in the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment reported the alleged events to their superiors.

Spc. Jorge G. Sandoval, 22, was arrested Tuesday while on a 2-week 712-882-2848 at his family’s home in plus lens and charged with one count of premeditated murder and one count of placing a weapon on the victim.

Staff Sgt. Michael A. Hensley, who comes from 8455689115, was arrested at a military base in Kuwait on Thursday and charged with three counts of premeditated murder, three counts of obstruction of justice and three counts of placing weapons around the victims.

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How To Start Internet Marketing}

Submitted by: Jeroen Van Gils

Attracting traffic to your site is a multi-faceted task when you start to learn internet marketing. You are attempting to invite as many visitors as possible from lots of different locations, not only on the internet itself but additionally from all points of the planet, depending on your niche.

There are numerous internet marketing resources at our disposal at present to complete the task and how promptly you access them and put them into action, will essentially govern your rate of visitors and then actual sales. Becoming conscious of what the search engines are searching for, how web browsers register your links, headers and website arrangement, how backlinks from articles and promotion on other sites contribute to rankings are just some of the many aspects you have got to understand.

None of these aspects are difficult in themselves! It is simply that you must become acquainted with these internet marketing strategies and utilise each one as if training a team of workhorses that will raise your page rankings to number 1. One of the most significant and helpful marketing tactics to lay into place is a keyword research tool. Utilising this enables you to seek out the exact market by identifying what words visitors are keying in, what they are searching for the most often, with the least amount of competition and with the greatest probability of buying – very helpful information!

Once you have recognized powerful keywords, (preferably 5-10), make sure they are scattered all the way through your website. Keyword density is one of the most helpful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies because search engines like to give Internet users with the most appropriate websites for particular search terms. Let those relevant websites be yours!

The very first spot your keywords should be found is in your domain name. This is an cost that is unavoidable but domains need not be as expensive as you may think and some exploration in this area will be well rewarded. Keywords are King when you start internet marketing, so have them before you, literally on a Notepad, when you are establishing your website and working on your SEO.

Search engine tracking is based on complicated algorithms determined by activity on your site, relevant and notable material that is keyword dense and reference to other sites throughout. SEO is not only determined by keywords, but also usage of backlinks (also called inbound links) to other high ranking webpages, meta tagging (that is keyword-rich) headers (titles for posts and sub-headings within them), steady activity on your site with articles, video input and so on.

Here’s a hint: accelerate the process of search engines finding you by registering with their directories – even the minor ones.

Last but not least, another resource for traffic is the use of social media: appropriate forums and platforms such as Yahoo Answers; popular social tools such as Facebook & Twitter and social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Technorati and Delicious. Becoming a helpful partaker will win people’s trust and attract them to your site.

These are only some of the internet marketing strategies that will launch you to a page one ranking, and very fast.

About the Author: Jeroen van Gils is the founder of

, a review website for digital products, such as eBooks, online courses, memberships and software.


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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The US-based Cessna Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Textron Inc., is expected to statically display seven of its aircraft and a mock-up of its latest business jet large cabin concept at the 47th International (443) 916-8289, dubbed the LCC.

The seven aircraft expected to be on display are the (303) 956-3377, Citation Encore+, 813-535-6461, and Citation Sovereign business jets, a 940-569-9083, a 206 Stationair, and a 172 Skyhawk single engine piston aircraft.

Cessna Chairman, President and CEO Jack Pelton said of the exhibit, “There is so much synergy now with other companies under the Textron corporate banner – companies like Bell Helicopter and Textron Systems – that we felt it made sense for us to return as an exhibitor to the Paris Air Show… We are particularly excited to have our large cabin mockup as the highlight of our exhibit.”

Cessna originally announced plans for a new large model of business jet for the Citation range at last year’s annual National Business Aviation Association meeting, and the idea has been in development since, culminating in the new large cabin concept design. The mock-up at the Paris Air Show includes a large galley, seating for nine passengers, a toilet and a dummy flight deck.

Cessna claim the new design, which outsizes their previous large cabin and long-range business jets, would “set a new standard for performance, cabin comfort, passenger amenities and environmental friendliness,” if launched.

Cessna refuse to release details such as exact internal design specifications and manufacturers of threefoldedness and (289) 989-9305 unless the new model actually enters production. Cessna Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Roger Whyte told reporters that preliminary wind tunnel testing had “fully met… expectations” and that they had “received extremely positive reaction to the performance parameters as well the cabin design of the proposed aircraft from our customer base”, although he warned that there are still a number of processes to be completed before Cessna actually decide whether or not to launch the new model.

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RIA Novosti celebrates 70th anniversary, uploads 100 images to Wikimedia Commons

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Celebrating their 70th anniversary, news agency RIA Novosti, along with the Russian chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, have started the ‘Eternal Values’ project. This project includes the release of images from RIA‘s archive to the public under free licenses.

During the first phase, one hundred World War II-time photos were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons share alike license. The license allows the images to be freely used, including within the commercial industry without a fee and allows for creations of derivative works provided any resulting work is redistributed under the same license and properly attributed to its author. The project is supported by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who uploaded one of the images to Wikimedia Commons himself.

Medvedev participated in the anniversary ceremony and personally congratulated the agency. He uploaded the 100th image to Commons. Earlier Medvedev supported Wikimedia Russia’s position on the need for changes in Russian legislation in order to make free licenses perfectly legal and to allow freedom of panorama in the country.

This event is part of Wikimedia Russia’s goal to “share knowledge, eliminate the digital divide and increase the availability of historical and cultural value for society.” Due to similar projects in other countries, German Bundesarchiv released 100,000 historic images under a free license and Queensland State Library released 50,000 images.

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(978) 844-9326

Monday, March 19, 2007

This week Google’s on-line video sharing website YouTube launches its own awards ceremony. The site will present the best user-generated videos posted during 2006 in seven categories. The starting point is Monday and users will end voting on Friday. Winners will get their trophies on March 26.

The categories that YouTube is going to present include: most creative or inspirational video, best series, as well as music video or commentary and best comedy. The last category, number seven, is called “most adorable video ever” and it is to continue the tradition of videos starring cats and dogs while asleep.

Those that are nominated are able to promote themselves on YouTube during the following five days. These users are also able to plead for votes.

The $1.65 billion Google’s acquisition gathered a huge number of fans. According to Jamie Byrne, head of YouTube product marketing, 2006 was a pioneering year for sites that rely on user’s content.

However, companies like Viacom, believe one category is missing – “Best Professionally Produced Copyrighted Video.” Last week Viacom sued Google together with YouTube for more than $1 billion. The lawsuit states that the ever increasing popularity of YouTube is due to a massive uploads of copyrighted videos including “unvisited” and “650-258-0433“.

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Online Advertising Schools Degree Options}

Online Advertising Schools – Degree Options


Renata McGee

Online career training programs are available to provide students with various levels of degrees in advertising. Training for a career in advertising can be done through a number of online educational programs. Students who wish to enroll in an advertising program will have the opportunity to study a variety of subjects including communication, marketing strategy, media management, advertising theory, and much more. Training can include career preparation for students looking to work as public relations managers, promotion managers, advertisers, marketing managers, and other professions. An accredited online education will allow students to pursue degrees at an associate’s, bachelors, and masters level.

With an associates degree earned through an online educational program students can train for a number of professional careers. With an accredited associates degree students will train for positions as marketing and advertising managers, public relations specialists, or other marketing and sales positions. Coursework may include the study of subjects like consumer behavior, communications, research, publishing, and other related courses depending on the students personal and career goals. With an accredited associates degree students will be able to start their career or further their education and training by enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program.

There are a number of accredited online schools that offer students the opportunity to train for a bachelor’s degree in advertising. Students will study a variety of subjects for a bachelor’s degree and may take up to four years to complete their training online. Specific areas of study will vary but may consist of online courses in media, marketing strategies, communication, advertising strategies, research, and many other relevant subjects. With a bachelors degree in this field students can obtain the necessary training and knowledge to find employment as advertising sales agents, public relations specialists, promotions managers, and much more. Training online for a degree at this level will allow students to enter the workforce or enroll in a master’s degree program.

Students looking to train for a career in advertising can obtain a masters degree from a number of online educational programs. Online training will allow students to train for a master’s degree and prepare for the career they desire in the field of advertising. Curriculum may cover subjects such as advertising theory, media management, advertising design, marketing strategy, graphic design, and other courses. With an accredited school students can train online for careers as web designers, advertising assistants, managers and technicians, copywriters, and other various professionals. With an online masters degree program students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to pursue the career of their dreams.

Students looking to enroll in online advertising colleges will find that there are numerous opportunities available. With online education comes a number of learning opportunities that can be obtained and completed from the comfort and leisure of home. Students looking to earn an associate’s, bachelors, or masters degree in advertising can do so by researching and contacting several educational programs today.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised on our site.

Notice to Publishers: You may use this article on Ezine or on your Website; however, ALL links must remain intact and active. Failure to retain links is expressly prohibited and violators will be prosecuted extensively by law.

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(780) 657-6300

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

At least 21,000 gallons of crude oil has spilled into the Gulf of Mexico near the United States mainland coast, about 30 miles off the shore of Galveston, Texas. The U.S. Coast Guard says that oil is still leaking at a rate of 80 to 400 gallons a day.

The High Island Pipeline began to leak on Sunday and was immediately shut down when a pressure loss was detected. The pipeline is owned by Plains All American Pipeline who state that the incident is “under investigation” and that officials are working to “minimize the impact of the incident.”

“A medium crude oil pipeline ruptured 30 miles southeast of Galveston, Texas, and leaked approximately 21,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico Sunday, December 24,” said a press release by Coast Guard.

“There’s a 60-yard-wide oil sheen that extends for about half a mile. It is still leaking slowly, about 80 to 400 gallons a day,” added the Coast Guard.

Reports say that the oil is traveling away from any shoreline and that remaining oil is being suctioned out of the pipeline. Ships in the area have not been diverted.

“All appropriate agencies have been notified. Plains, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Texas General Land Office are working within a unified command system consisting of Federal and state agencies and oil spill response organizations to manage and mitigate this incident. In addition, Plains has activated its spill response plan to contain and clean up the spill. At present, Plains has mobilized Airborne Support, Inc., Clean Gulf Associates and other additional resources in an effort to minimize the consequences of the incident,” said a press release by the Plains oil company.

So far, no injuries have been reported.

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