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Why I Do This?

I see many people with so much potential every single day – but they’re stuck, unhappy, scared, living a life based on other people’s expectations, isolated, rejected, judged and the list goes on…

I believe that each and everyone of us are here on earth for a specific purpose that helps bring humanity to the next level, and that each life shouldn’t go to waste.

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would be your biggest regrets today?

Have you tried to live to your fullest potential today?

About Andrew

Known by his friends as ANEH ( Andrew Ng Eng Hong).

Just a guy, trying to make the world a better place for humanity and the next generation.

A lifelong learner, A lifelong leader, A lifelong servant.

Has a degree in Psychology, hold many past leadership roles, passionate about People Development (Developmental Psychology), NLP Practitioner, Lifestyle Designer.

No matter who we are, we all need help and this is the best place to get help from a personal coach who is super approachable and friendly like confidant you never knew you can have in your journey of healing 🙂Confidential
Andrew helped me out by being my external guide for my internal turmoil. Things may seem overwhelming, but having someone who knows how to guide yourself through the forest and constantly motivating as him helped myself to walk path of my choice.Confidential
When you have trouble knowing yourself, you’ll find it easier with Andrew’s help. He’ll maneuver you to the path where you will somehow learn things on your own find things on your own. It’s the best way of learning things. Very pragmatic and enlightening.Confidential
Past Talks

18th July 2018 @ Common Ground Wisma UOA 7pm
The Power of Peers (over Gelato & Beers)

Ever wonder how did Li Ka-Shing(richest businesman in Hong Kong), Tony Robbins (world famous life coach), & practically every billionaire ever achieve their wealth?

Come learn it over Gelato & Beers!

Humans are unique, can they ever be replaced? Do our everyday interactions matter? In this talk, Dr Tan Kuan Lin(medical doctor/entrepreneur) & Andrew Ng (a life coach) will be sharing their take on the power of peers and how it can influence your life in ways you didn’t even know. How it can even supersede the element of willpower.

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